Q1, 2022Coming Soon

Advance Freehold NFT Sales

The GPS Pay NFT Virtual Land Market is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022. However, for pre-sales are already open for those who wish to make speculative investments.

Learn about Freehold NFT at Triffic.App

How To Select Virtual Land

We have pre-selected some virtual land which is relatively near to your location. You can change this by dragging the hexagon to the area you are interested in. You can also change the shape and size of the area by dragging on the white circles. Use the +/- icons to zoom in and out.
The purchase of NFTs are highly speculative, and the same goes for purchasing Freehold NFT on the Triffic Map.

The advance purchase of Freehold NFT is not a guaranteed way to make a fortune, and if you treat is as such, you are likely to be disappointed. Only fill out the enquiry form if you are 100% aware of the risks that an early investment in Freehold NFT entails.

How We Calculate A Fair Initial Price For Advance Sales Of Freehold NFT

Because the revenue-generating ability of Freehold NFT is based around population density, your selected plot of land is applied to a population heatmap, with areas of higher population being more expensive than lower populated areas. In addition, the standard size of a map hexagon is 250m x 250m (0.0625 square kilometers), so we divide the size of your chosen area in order to get the total number of hexagons.

So I'll Be Purchasing Actual Land, Right?

Goodness gracious, no! Can you imagine what Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would say if we claimed to have sold Buckingham Palace to Shapoopie Dixon, from Illinois? Freehold NFT is specifically related to virtual land on the Triffic Game Map, and entitles you to 100% of all Incentive Beacon listing fees, and 10% of the contents of all Reward Beacons claimed within the area boundaries.

So How Do Advanced Sales Work?

Upon successful purchase of a Freehold NFT, your GPS Pay account will be issued with a placeholder asset on the GPS Token blockchain which can be verified by cross-referencing it against the Triffic Map. Once Freehold NFT is properly launched and integrated, these placeholders will be automatically replaced with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be freely bought and sold on the NFT Virtual Land Market in the GPS Pay App.