GPS Pay Roadmap

GPS Pay is constantly evolving, and we are adding new features all the time. The following roadmap is a rough guide as to when major new functionality will be released. Please be aware that corresponding dates are rough guides only.

Q2, 2021

GPS Pay Beta Launch

The GPS Pay beta is launched to the public, ushering in a new era of hyperlocal payments that keep money flowing inside communities, and prevent it from being siphoned away by large corporations.

Q3, 2021

Triffic Integration

Triffic and GPS Pay will be able to be securely linked together, thus enabling users to convert the Triffic Miles into GPS Tokens at the rate of 1:1. In addition, people who held IGNIS at the time of the airdrop snapshot will be able to cash them out.

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Q4, 2021

Payment Gateway

GPS Pay users will be able to purchase GPS Tokens and various other cryptocurrencies via credit, or debit card. This service will feature KYC verification that is fully compliant across the world.

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Q1, 2022

NFT Virtual Land Market

When people purchase virtual land freeholds in the Triffic App, they are stored as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the GPS Token Blockchain, and the GPS Pay NFT Virtual Land Market means that people can buy and sell it without any complications.

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Q2, 2022

Local Currencies

The ability to create currencies which are only valid within a certain geographical area. Designed to keep cash flowing locally, and prevent it from being siphoned away by the large corporations which dominate the high street, local currencies will be backed against GPS Tokens.

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