May 7, 2021Beta Starts

Beta Signup

Receive 100 testnet GPS Tokens, plus 100 testnet Ardor, and 100 testnet Ignis when you become a GPS Pay beta tester.

Finding Your Triffic Account ID

Your Triffic Account will always begin with 'TRF-' and it can be found within the Triffic app by clicking on the wallet in the top left.

Because of the close integration between GPS Pay and the Triffic App, you are required to have an existing Triffic Account ID before you can join. Luckily, this is simply a matter of clicking the button below, and downloading Triffic - don't worry, it's completely free!

Click here to learn more about Triffic

Once you're setup on Triffic (it will take you approximately 30 seconds), then simply fill out the form to set the process in motion.