Accepting GPS Pay

Accepting GPS Pay is so simple that you can be using it to get paid just a couple of minutes after registering an account.

Step 1
Clicking on the 'Business' tab of the ledger page allows the user to receive their unique QR Code via email, or saved to the gallery of their mobile device.
Step 2
The QR code can be printed out and placed in a convenient spot for customers to scan easily, whereas saving it to the gallery is suited to people that require a more portable solution.
Step 3
When somebody wishes to make a purchase, they scan the QR code with their GPS Pay app, and the funds are sent directly to the recipient's GPS Pay account within 60 seconds.
Step 4
Businesses and services who use GPS Pay automatically get seen by all Triffic App users in the local vicinity, making it easy to attract new customers to your location.